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Remember life is too short to drive something normal!!

Currently focused on classic FJ45 Toyota Pickups, the occasional FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser, 75 Series Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rovers Series II, IIA, III and Defenders.  With the occasional strange or unique diesel powered vehicle entering the shop.   


Eco-Offroad started off as a small company that focused on diesel engine conversions for vintage 4x4 vehicles.  As time progressed the option of importing unique diesel powered vehicles became easier and so as parts were being imported vehicles joined them.  Today there are many options to be able to drive back into the woods, enjoying nature and all the surroundings with the choice of fuel efficient diesel engines running on biodiesel or diesel.  Every once in a while we also feature "outside" the box over-landing vehicle because the driving experience is all part of the adventure.

Eco-Offroad, LLC specializes in:

  • Environmentally Friendly Restorations

  • Diesel Conversions  

  • Building and Prepping Over-Land Vehicles

  • Importing Unique Vehicles from Around the World

  • Modifications



Restorations And Overland Vehicle Builds

We can perform any stage of restoration that you would like or your pocket book can handle. From a mechanical only restoration including a diesel conversion to a full frame off;  we are glad to help you in the building of your dream rig.  Want a unique vehicle you can travel the world in?  We can help you there with our years of Overlanding experience and background in unique vehicles. 

Diesel Conversions

Why a diesel engine?
- Better fuel economy
– The ability to run on multiple fuels (biodiesel, diesel, straight vegetable oil)
– Lower cost to operate
– Engine longevity

Although the diesel engine is not for everyone, it is a key component if you wish to run an older vehicle in a more environmentally friendly manner. When built correctly, you can see MPG in the low 20’s to the mid 30’s – not bad for vehicle with the aerodynamics of a barn!

All diesel conversions we performed are ready for biodiesel, and if you wish, we can set the vehicle up to run on straight vegetable oil. 

Metal Fabrication

From simple sheet metal patches and frame patches to custom bumpers and tow hitches, in the end, your imagination is the limit! We can handle small rust repair, frame repair, custom transmission humps, bumpers, winch name it!

Sales and Import


Here is a small offering of vehicles that I have worked on in the past!

1988 Porsche 911 Outback


Started off importing parts years ago and this slowly transitioned to entire vehicles.  All vehicles are picked by me and brought to my shop for inspection.  If you have a certain dream vehicle, I can help locate it somewhere around the world and bring it safely back to the USA.  After inspection I enjoy the vehicle; I mean I carefully drive all vehicles for a period of time then list them for sale.  Unless stated these are not restored vehicles, but good used representatives of the unique models we never got offered in the USA.  Currently I deal with the following countries: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and recently added Brazil.  The majority of the vehicles I deal with are RHD (right hand drive), so easy to drive that government employees do it daily!  All vehicles will be brought to my shop for inspection before being sold.  In addition each vehicle will have all and I do mean all fluids changed.  Vehicles will come with a clear Oregon title.  As inventory becomes available this page will be updated.  

1993 Toyota Troopy Camper

Clean slate for the rear interior ready for you to customize the inside to your liking.  This is a Left Hand Drive 1PZ (5 cylinder diesel) with 4 speed manual transmission and very clean body.  Very economical package to drive or if you are power hungry you could always do an engine conversion to a Toyota turbo diesel.  Odometer is showing 325,000 KM's however this truck has obviously been taken care of.  Another bonus is factory dual fuel tanks.  Items that have been upgraded:

-Lightly used Recaro Seats installed for driver and passenger

-New Door cards on all the doors

-New door handles and bits on front doors

-New Sun-visors

-New door seals on the rear doors

-New side windows (2 pop open, 2 slide)

-New Alucab camper top and awning

-New Dobinson suspension including springs and shocks

-New Fifteen52 rims and Falcon Wildpeak tires installed (including spare wheel)

-New battery cables and battery

-New clutch master, slave cylinder and connecting line

-Fluids serviced

Sold Vehicles

Getting rid of those Winter Blues While Runny Biodiesel or even #2 Diesel in cold Temps! 
I run anywhere from B20 up to B100 even in the winter without an issue, because I remember to use winter additives.  Here is Oregon the fuel companies like charging for additives, but offer very little to any for winter conditions.  There have been whole newspaper articles written on how biodiesel was killing all the diesel powered cars in the winter, was the biodiesels fault.  The fuel companies were not adding winter additive and even straight #2 diesel will gel when temps drop. 

Stages of the effects of low temps on Diesel: 
Level 1 – “Cold Filter Plug Point”
This is the point at which there is enough solid waxes bound together in the diesel to be caught by the filters. There not be enough for you to really “see” yet, but they are being trapped by the filter. If the fuel remains this temperature long enough and if enough fuel flows through the filter, it will become plugged, even though the fuel may look “clear”.
As the fuel gets colder and colder, more of these waxes bond together to form bigger and bigger “polymer bonds” of waxes. 
Level 2 – “Cloud point”
This is the point at which the fuel looks “Cloudy” to the “naked” eye. There is enough of these polymer bonded waxes to form large enough chains to be visible. It will abviously stop up filters here. 
Level 3 – “Gel Point”
This is the point at which there are is an “infinite polymer network”. The point at which the fuel starts to be a solid or semi-solid due to these polymer bonds. The fuel will not flow at this point. Cold filter plug point/Cloud point is anywhere from 20*F – 40*F depending on water and contaminates in your fuel. Gel point is around +5* give or take a few degree. Biodiesels are more prone to Cold filter plug point/cloud point/gel point. They can plug faster, they absorb water more redably. 
The Cure for the Common Cold: (click on each item to learn more and purchase)

Outback Builds

Outback Builds

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