August 2012 FOURWHEELER Magazine

Received a nice little spotlight in the Magazine “FOURWHEELER”, if you are interested in Diesel Engines conversions it is a good article.


2011 Deer Valley CA FJ45 Run

I have been lucky enough to attend this event two times now with the first time back in 2009. Definitely a great group of people and a beautiful location to play in the woods with some unique vehicles.

2011 NW MogFest Sheridan Oregon

This was our third year for attending another great MogFest.  My son has started a tradition with showing up just in time to see a vehicle fall over…three years running.

2010 NW MogFest

The 2010 NW MogFest was rapidly approaching and I somehow managed to have all my drivable vehicles with something major dismantled. With wrong parts showing up in the mail I ended up asking the wife if I could take her truck so that my “son” could attend the gathering. I tossed all the gear inside and strapped a RTT to the truck and we were off. What a great weekend.

Carbon-neutral Offroad expedition!

Here is a link to the Carbon-Neutral Expedition that I participated in Spring 2010:

For a description and photos of the vehicle I built specifically for this journey visit my “Portfolio” section on the website.



Well, after 3000+ miles I am finally home—–good way to brake in a “new” truck. Only two real issues during the trip; had a brand new Alternator/vacuum pump fail as I was arriving in Herber UT. The local parts shop ordered me a replacement—which was the wrong one–so we played—lets open boxes of the 150 + alternators they had on the shelf. Found an alternator that had the same mounting and plug but no vacuum pump drive—so I did the entire trip without power breaks—luxury item anyway. Then about halfway through the journey had a rear SOR shock mount bolt break. Otherwise, with the truck fully loaded was getting 24+ miles per gallon and as the truck got lighter the better the fuel mileage got. Here is a photo journey of the trip, including some of the Expo and the return home:

Additional Photos (click me)

2009 FJ45 Run Deer Valley CA

I was lucky enough to attend the FJ45 Run down in Dear Valley CA in 2009.  At the time I was driving a 1966 FJ45 truck outfitted with a Cummins B3.3 and TH475 Automatic transmission.  Not the fastest truck in the world but was an amazing trip.  Welded up a couple of brackets and with the use of a tarp had a nice tent for camping out in the rear of the truck.  Was a great group of people to hang around with on the weekend.  And in the end I ended up with the Iron Butt award for driving my truck down from Oregon almost 500 miles as many of the other trucks were trailer-ed for the longer distances.