Eco-Offroad, LLC specializes in environmentally friendly restorations, diesel conversions and modifications of classic FJ45 Toyota Pickups, the occasional FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser, 75 Series Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rovers Series II, IIA and III.  In addition we are now building and prepping Over-landing vehicles to take you and your family across the world.  Currently ONLY working on 1995 or older Land Rovers Defenders, Series I,II, III, Toyota 45 Series Trucks and Toyota 75 Series Trucks.

Imagine being able to drive back into the country, enjoying nature and all the surroundings—in a classic truck/suv—knowing that the foot print you leave behind is ever so small as you obtain 25+ miles to the gallon on Biodiesel or Diesel.

By reusing vintage trucks and SUV’s and combining them with newer compact diesel engines we are able to combine the classic looks of vehicles from the past with fuel economy exceeding the majority of the modern vehicles of a similar class today.

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Scott Oncken
Tel: 541-550-6300
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